From the 24th to the 29th of April the Swedish artist Henrik Hedinge and the Norwegian artist Eva Marie Yri Skjøldt will explore the surroundings of lake Mjøsa using various methods from the fields of performance art, video art, photography and land art.

lørdag 26. april 2008

Snow Action

Up on the fjæll next to Mjøsa there is still snow in the forest. Here we tried with another colour coordinated action.
The given red and white surroundings of the buildings in the area. The snow. The outfit and the red-white restrictions.

The restriction making it more focused? Seeming like serious activity (i.e. lending authority from its normal uses)?

The interaction between the two power fields red and yellow present in all kinds of ways in this setting. A bit the black and white jin and yang setting but I want it to be more then just two forces against each other.
Two forces present at the same time. Two forces together. Two forces interacting. Two forces fighting. Two forces communicating. Etc.

Mmmm...need to consider the word "forces" if that is what is the right thing for this context..mmmmm.

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